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# League of Legends - 1v1

Wanneer? Sun 05 Mar 11:00
Toernooiformaat? 1v1
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The organisation of this tournament is: Pepijn van Hees (The Peppie)
This tournament does not have a price for the grand winner.

A LOL 1v1 match will be played on the map 'Howling Abyss' as provided by the current, updated client of RIOT Games
A team in a LOL 1v1 match will consist of 1 player
A LOL 1v1 match will have two teams battle against eachother
The format of the LOL 1v1 match is a best of 1 game series
Before each game, both teams get to alternately ban three champions, guaranteeing an amount of six total champions to remain unplayed during the game.
This will be done in the general chat provided in the RIOT Games client lobby.
The side selection will be done according to the provided playing scheme.

The winner of a LOL 1v1 can be ended in several ways, in all cases the team that achieves any of the requirements will be deemed winner of the game:
1) After one team gets a first kill in the game
2) After one team achieves a creep score of 100
3) After one team destroyes a single turret of the opponent team
4) After the opposing team forfeits
The Team that has not won a match will report on who was deemed winner.
If there is any doubt about who is to be deemed winner, both teams will report to the organisation.
The organisation will have the choice of two options:
1) Deem one of the teams the winner
2) Enforce a rematch
The choice made by the organisation will be final, and uncontestable.

The tournament will consist of two rounds:
1) a group phase
2) a knock-out phase

In the group phase, each team will play a single round robin.
A group will consist of five teams.
If the total amount of teams is not a multiple of five there are the folliwing options:
The amount of teams is one less than a multiple of five:
The final group will consist of four teams only. All matches against the fifth team in the playing schemen will lapse.
The amount of teams is more that one less than a multiple of five.
The superflous teams will be spread across the last groups, making groups of 6 and playing according to the alternative playing scheme.
The winnner of a match will be granted 1 point, all other teams wil be granted 0 points.
At the end, the team with the most points and the team with the second most points will move on to the knock-out phase. All other teams will be eliminated from the tournament.
If the second and third team were to end having the same amount of wins, the winner of the mutual matchup played during the group phase will move on to the knock-out phase.

The knock-out phase will start after all groups have finished their group phase.
Which team plays against which team will be done accoring to the provided playing scheme.
The winner of a match will continue to the next stage of the knock-out phase, all other teams will be eliminated from the tournament.
No team will play more that one match in each stage of the knock-out phase.
The final is defined as the match that will be played after all but two teams have been eliminated.
The final wil be a best of three series.
The winner of the final will be deemed grand winner.

If a team selects a champion that was banned, the team will automatically forfeit the match.
(this punishment can be avioded by not telling the organisation and starting a rematch or accepting the choice even though it was banned)
If both teams automatically forfeit a match, the match will have to be replayed in order to determine a winner.
If a team untruthfully reports any team to be the winner, the team will be automatically eliminated from the tournament.
Any teams this team has battled or would be battling, will automatically be deemed winner in the match against the automatically eliminated team.

Ingeschreven deelnemers: 10

Confirmed: 9/10 (90%)
Speler Inschrijfnummer Bevestigd
FireFly (F14) 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Foute Makelaar 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
GonzTheAlo 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
I1 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Margonite 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
monkeyfist4 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Ninjamaster Ha 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Psy Aerados 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
SunGodMonkey 0 Aanwezigheid niet bevestigd
the peppie 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd

Group Stage

Group 1MPWDL
Foute Makelaar39300
Ninjamaster Ha49301
Group 2MPWDL
FireFly (F14)49301
the peppie49301
Psy Aerados40004

Stinosaurus vs monkeyfist4 Stinosaurus vs Foute Makelaar
Group Matches (Group 1)
monkeyfist4 0 - vs - 1 Foute Makelaar
Ninjamaster Ha 1 - vs - 0 monkeyfist4
GonzTheAlo 1 - vs - 0 monkeyfist4
Foute Makelaar 1 - vs - 0 Ninjamaster Ha
Foute Makelaar 1 - vs - 0 GonzTheAlo
Ninjamaster Ha 1 - vs - 0 Stinosaurus
GonzTheAlo 1 - vs - 0 Stinosaurus
GonzTheAlo 0 - vs - 1 Ninjamaster Ha
Group Matches (Group 2)
the peppie 1 - vs - 0 I1
the peppie 1 - vs - 0 Psy Aerados
FireFly (F14) 1 - vs - 0 the peppie
the peppie 1 - vs - 0 Margonite
Psy Aerados 0 - vs - 1 I1
FireFly (F14) 0 - vs - 1 I1
I1 1 - vs - 0 Margonite
Psy Aerados 0 - vs - 1 FireFly (F14)
Psy Aerados 0 - vs - 1 Margonite
FireFly (F14) 1 - vs - 0 Margonite

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